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~Dolls~  Masako Matsumoto


I create dolls with various materials like Antique kimono,Obi,

Mosquito net, African fabric, Trade beads, Asian embroidery cloth, shells, paper, etc...

Anything I can get artistic inspiration from.


I was born in Uozu-city Toyama-prefecture Japan.

After graduating from high school in Toyama,

I stayed 1year in Kyoto 5years in Tokyo.

I came back to Toyama,worked as a decorator for window display

for about  2years.


In brief

1984 - Nairobi Kenya

          I made dolls for Japanese bazar.

          I worked with an Australian lady making accessories.

1986 - Japan

1989 - Doll exhibitions Okariya,Ginza.



1994 - Doll exhibition Zurich, Switzerland

2004 - Toga-mura

2006 - Doll exhibition Toga

2014- Gallery UPEPO (means 'wind 'in Swahili)open in Uozu.


My dolls have taken me all over the world and I endeavor to cross

many more parts with them.

Gallery UPEPO


4580-1 Hebita Uozu-city Toyama JAPAN  


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